School Programs, Supplies, and Resources

Schools affiliated with M2SE (see Who We Serve for a list of schools) offer a variety of programs during the school year, both during school hours after school. The M2SE teacher coordinator at your school can provide you with more information about available options at you school. If you need contact information for your school’s teacher coordinator, use the Contact form to contact our Director (Denise Casey).


If you are a teacher and wish to offer some of these programs at your school, you can also use the Contact form. We are able to provide training, resources, and supplies to get you started.


Programs during the 2017 – 2018 include:

  • After-school programs – Meetings at each local school are bi-monthy, September through May.  STEM projects include
    • Science Fair research and competition
    • Mousetrap Car design and competition
    • Toothpick Bridge design and competition
    • Egg Drop design and competition
    • Glider design and competition
    • Airplane construction and competition
    • Inventor design and competition
    • City Wide STEM competitions
    • Academic Bowl prep and competition
    • African-American Scientist and Inventor composition contest
  • American Chemical Society Illustrated Poetry contest (partnership program)
  • UC/NTA Annual Robotics project and competition (partnership program)
  • John Lucky Academic Recognition
  • Summer Enrichment Program (partnership with UC and NTA)
  • Summer Engineering and Design Program
  • Success=ME Summer Program